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About Us

We know life can be fast paced. Knowing what Insurance you need sometimes feels like a challenge. Which is why we take care of your insurance needs entirely for you! It is our goal to provide you with service and advice that provides you with the best insurance options perfectly suited for your insurance requirements and well within your budget…


At WAVE one of our goals is giving you the freedom to stay on track with your personal life, while we ensure that your coverage and protection needs are well taken care of!

Our Story

WAVE Insurance - Mississauga

"Why deal with a broker and not a bank or the insurance company directly?"

People sometime wish that life can be put hold, instead of waiting on hold to talk to someone. At WAVE we know who our customers are, they are PEOPLE and not a number. You are valuable to us, that includes your time.  When you are looking to get best value for your dollar, our Team of Insurance Managers strive to support you through every step of your insurance process. Always bringing their professional advice along the way.

We believe your needs are unique. Custom insurance options tailored to your exact coverage requirements are on our mind. Knowledge can be power, so our goal is to guide our clients with the right advice to protect their investments, assets, and businesses. We make sure to explain insurance pitfalls and how to avoid them. Ensuring you are given the best possible coverage and right pricing options. Making sure you are receiving every discount that you qualify for, without taking too much time out of your day.

When a claim happens, take a deep breath! We are on your side and can support you during the process. Making sure that you are being treated fairly and with the utmost care. The Insurance Companies WAVE partners with currently represent the largest and most financially stable insurance companies in our province. Our insurance partners are consistently ranked among the highest in products and claims services. 

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