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Everyone is unique.

Finding the proper coverage for the life, that you have built, at the right price is our specialty.  WAVE can help you with your on-line search for insurance. We invite you to begin quoting with us. 

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A new cyber attack occurs every 20 seconds...
Get the coverage you need

Cyber insurance is a type of insurance policy that provides coverage designed to protect businesses and individuals from financial losses and liabilities associated with cyber incidents and data breaches. Cyber insurance policies typically cover a range of expenses related to cyber attacks and security issues.

Here are three reasons why Cyber Insurance is important: 

1. Cost coverage: Costs in the event of a data breach can become costly quick. Cyber insurance includes coverage for computer attacks, data breaches, cyber extortion, misdirected payment and telecommunication fraud. 

2. Crisis management: Cyber insurance can offer resources and support to navigate the public relations aspects of a cyber incident. This may include assistance in crafting communication strategies and mitigating the potential damage to your brand.


3.Business interruption coverage: Digital attacks can cause disruption to your business. Cyber insurance includes compensation for lost income during the downtime caused by the attack and helps your business recover more quickly.

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