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Group Home & Auto Insurance

CORE offers group insurance options at a specialized rate offering discounted home and auto opportunities. CORE provides access to our unique suite of coverages, professionally managed insurance services, to assess your insurance needs both from a coverage and cost perspective.


CORE’s brokers are licensed professionals trained in our system for service excellence. We provide an annual review & risk management service to ensure comprehensive coverage at a competitive market rate. We pay attention to the details!

Welcome to the CORE of group coverage discounts....

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 Personal Group Insurance Providers


Commercial Group Insurance Providers

Victor Insurance
Totten Group Insurance

Group Savings


Auto Discount 19%

Home Discount 15%


Auto Discount 10%

Home Discount 10%


Auto Discount 5%

Home Discount 5%


Auto Discount 15%

Home Discount 15%

Group insurance is an exclusive insurance program that provides cost savings to a group of individuals, typically employees of a company or members of an organization/association. In Ontario, usually group insurance programs are a beneficial no cost strategy that many employers use to support their employee benefits.

Group insurance programs in Ontario can provide cost savings options for several insurance products, such as:


  1. Auto Insurance: Automobiles, Motorcycles, Classic Cars

  2. Home Insurance: House, Apartment, Condo, Cottage

  3. Leisure Insurance: Your weekend pleasures (Boats, ATV’s, Jet Ski’s) 

  4. Cyber Insurance: Protect your company or yourself from online crooks. In this day your online assets are just as valuable as your real life assets, insuring your virtual net worth has become a must.


Group insurance programs are negotiated rate reductions. Organizations like yours, hire the best employees…. and because of your efforts, WAVE is able to obtain lower price rates from our insurance partners than an individual insurance policy.


Employers in Ontario can work with WAVE to customize a group insurance program that meets the needs of their employees. 

WAVE’s Group insurance programs are able to provide personalized service, unique consultation and a special relationship with the insurance company your employees wouldn’t normally get as an individual.

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