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Accident Checklist 

1. Stay calm, take care of anyone injured. 

Switch on four way flashers, turn off vehicle, secure vehicle 

3. If necessary, dial 911

4. If damages exceed $1,000 or if there are any injuries, call the police and report the collision

5. Do not make statements admitting fault, or offer to pay for any repairs
Gather information from everyone involved, obtain all contact information; take photos, videos, and ensure you have all of the information in the 'Accident Recount' form   
Accident Recount

Please note that this is simply for your records and does NOT act as an official claim


Other Driver Involved Information

Witness Details

Accident Details

Be Prepared If an Accident Happens

We would like to ease your claim process as much as possible, which is why we have created an Accident Recount form as well as an Accident Checklist for you! 

In the event of an accident, making sure that you have all of the required information from the other parties is essential in making your insurance claim process as easy as possible. 

Please remember that filling out this form does NOT act as an official claim statement and should be used to recount the events of your accident only.  

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